Adult Neuromuscular Orthodontics

Adult Neuromuscular Orthodontics is a more progressive treatment than traditional braces. As apposed to only focusing on a straight dental arch (straight teeth), NM Orthodontics treats the jaw posture, tooth relationship, muscle relationship and head and neck posture as a whole system. The goal is to minimize airway obstruction that is naturally caused by the lower jaw being in an incorrect, retruded position.

Many patients have been told that they require surgery to achieve the proper jaw relationship. Not with Neuromuscular Orthodontics. In approximately 98 % of the cases the muscles correct the jaw position and surgery is not required.

Utilizing computerized jaw tracking, we are able to find the optimal position of the lower jaw and non-invasively move the teeth to this position for proper jaw alignment. Once the jaw is in alignment, the rest of the skeletal system reaches equilibrium. This decreases future postural problems that are extremely common.

The treatment is as follows:

  1. Fabricate Neuromuscular Orthotic (eliminate symptoms)
  2. Maintain New Jaw Relationship throughout Orthodontic Treatment
  3. Level, Align and Development Both Arches
  4. Pull Lower Arch Teeth to the Upper Arch Teeth
  5. Finish and Retention

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